This year’s conference includes a special focus on Racial Justice, Diversity, and Inclusion Programming. Workshops that will address this overarching theme include [RJ] after the session title.

Texas Employment Lawyers Association

Texas Employment Lawyers Association
The Texas Employment Lawyers Association is a voluntary bar association of Texas attorneys who represent people rather than companies. Our stated purpose is to promote and protect the legal rights of employees in the State of Texas against their employers and the attorneys who represent those employers.

TELA members handle a wide variety of employment-related legal matters from cases involving discrimination on the basis of race, sex, national origin, religion, age and disability, to matters involving sexual harassment, retaliation, minimum wage and overtime compensation, family and medical leave, breach of contract, and the like.

TELA is a state affiliate of the National Employment Lawyers Association. But TELA is an independent organization with its own charter, elected officers, and by-laws. TELA was founded in 1992 and has a substantial and growing membership. TELA continues to promote legislative protection of employee rights and judicial enforcement of those rights.