This year’s conference includes a special focus on Racial Justice, Diversity, and Inclusion Programming. Workshops that will address this overarching theme include [RJ] after the session title.
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Patricia Pap

Management Information Exchange
Executive Director
Boston, MA
Patricia is the executive director of Management Information Exchange (MIE). MIE’s mission is to promote excellence in management to ensure high quality advocacy on behalf of low-income people. MIE advances best practices and innovation in leadership, management, supervision, and fundraising by supporting a full and free exchange of ideas and providing training, consulting, and a flagship journal for the legal aid community. In addition to her long tenure with MIE, Patricia has been a director of a legal services program as well as serving in managerial roles in legal services. She brings more than 30 years of management experience and know-how from both a local and national legal services perspective. Patricia may be reached at ppap@mielegalaid.org.