This year’s conference includes a special focus on Racial Justice, Diversity, and Inclusion Programming. Workshops that will address this overarching theme include [RJ] after the session title.

Anne Chandler

Tahirih Justice Center
Executive Director
Houston TX
Anne Chandler is the executive director of Tahirih Justice Center’s Houston office and teaches Human Trafficking Law and Policy as an adjunct professor at the University of Houston Law Center. Since Tahirih opened its doors in Houston in 2009, Anne has provided the Houston office with strategic direction. She serves as a member of the Houston Area Council on Human Trafficking and the mayor’s anti-trafficking task force. Anne also serves on the board of the Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council and the board of Houston’s Immigration Legal Services Collaborative. Before joining Tahirih in August 2009, Anne was a clinical professor for the University of Houston Law Center, where she served as the interim director of the Immigration Law Clinic. Before joining the University of Houston Law Center in 2003, she was the director of Immigration Legal Services for the YMCA International Services of Greater Houston.