This year’s conference includes a special focus on Racial Justice, Diversity, and Inclusion Programming. Workshops that will address this overarching theme include [RJ] after the session title.

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Friday, November 2

7:30am CDT

8:30am CDT

Developing Diverse Legal Services Leadership [RJ] Woodway ILillian Moy • Gina Polley • Rhodia Thomas Reimagining Legal Help: Using Design Thinking to Better Serve Clients-Part 1 Chevy ChaseAnna Dorn-Gulotta • Alex Gulotta • Nalani Fujimori Kaina • Nikole Nelson An Overview of LSC’s Fiscal Regulations Plaza Ballroom IIStuart Axenfeld • Lora Rath • Kate Schillinger Building and Sustaining Disaster Response Networks: Lessons Learned from 2017 MonarchClarissa Ayala • Saundra Brown • Liz Keith • Lauren Lofton New Age of Immigration: Impact on Communities of Color [RJ] Woodway IITanya Douglas • Nana Gyamfi • Joann Lee Things to Think About in Planning Your Research and Evaluation Plaza Ballroom ISteven Eppler-Epstein • April Faith-Slaker • John M. Greacen • Christopher L. Griffin Jr. For Such a Time as This: Inspiring a Shared Vision [RJ] TanglewoodRosita Stanley • Chuck Wynder The Power of Partnership: Juvenile Defenders and Civil Legal Aid Attorneys Collaborating to Build Pathways for Youth Success Woodway IIISerena Holthe Holistic Defense: Intake through Resolution Best Practices for Cross Practice Collaboration SageMs. Michelle Burrell • Vichal Kumar • Porsha-Shaf’on Venable How to Work Collaboratively with System Stakeholders to Advance the Right to Counsel San FelipeStan Germán • David LaBahn The State of Texas Indigent Defense Post OakRobert Doggett • Alyse Ferguson • Ray Keith • James McDermott • Wesley Shackelford State Legislative Funding Roundtable: Strategies for Success in 2019 West AlabamaRandy Chapman

10:00am CDT

10:30am CDT

Effective Succession Planning: Preparation for Continuity and Change Post OakSteven Eppler-Epstein • Patricia Pap • César Torres Reimagining Legal Help: Using Design Thinking to Better Serve Clients-Part 2 Chevy ChaseAnna Dorn-Gulotta • Alex Gulotta • Nalani Fujimori Kaina • Nikole Nelson Domestic Violence Education & Outreach through Community Empowerment [RJ] WestchesterTatjana Anne Johnson • Joanne Loeak • Kace Rodwell • Mary Beth Williams Preparing Your Community for a Larger Undocumented Population [RJ] MonarchVictoria Giambra • Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. Serving Those Who Serve Woodway IIILeslie Ginzel • Nan Heald • Alec Lawton • Andrew Lehmann The 850,000 Left Out: Where to Send Them Plaza Ballroom IITali Albukerk • Hannah Allison • Jessie Campbell • Chanita Chantaplin-McLelland Thinking Outside the "Legal" Box: Using Interdisciplinary Collaboration to Assist Vulnerable Clients [RJ] Woodway ISarah Duval • Katie Earl Legal Services’ Community Engagement & the Poor People’s Campaign of Today [RJ] TanglewoodRosita Stanley • Chuck Wynder Language Access in State Courts [RJ] SageChristine Clarke • Daniel Hu • Joann Lee • Michael Mulé • Kevonne Small Who Me, Biased? Recognizing & Responding to Bias & Microaggression in the Legal Profession [RJ] Woodway IITanya Douglas • Latonia Haney Keith • Lillian Moy • Dina Shafey Scott Defending Our Own: The Life and Journey of the Black Public Defender [RJ] San FelipePatrice James • Keir Bradford-Grey • Kevann Gardner • Lori James-Townes • Martesha Johnson • James King • Adeola Ogunkeyede Surveys, Data, and Client Satisfaction in Indigent Defense West AlabamaRebecca Ackerman • Sergio De La Pava • Nicole Taylor May the Force of Social Change Be with You Plaza Ballroom IHelen Tran • JAVIER BELTRAN • Ronnette Ramos • Tyler Nicole Smith • Gerson Sorto

12:05pm CDT

2:30pm CDT

Ethical Dilemmas in Client Representation Plaza Ballroom IIAnne Sweeney • John Whitelaw Expanding Our Reach: Rural Environment Drives Innovation and Powerful Cross-Sector Interventions [RJ] Woodway ILiz Keith • Nikole Nelson • Bob Onders • Izzy Williamson Faith & Justice Partnerships: Engaging the Faith Community for Enhanced Access to Legal Care Chevy ChaseAndrae Crismon • Kimi deMent • Kathryn Ellis • Judge Tabitha Ponder Natural Disasters: The New Gentrification [RJ] Woodway IIILesley Albritton • Richard Klein • Yolanda Taylor Really Doing It! Assessing Community Needs and Setting Priorities [RJ] Woodway IIKelly Carmody • Bristow Hardin • Lillian Johnson • Lillian Moy • Deedee Peterson Systems Thinking for Creating Impact SageCatherine C. Carr • Nalani Fujimori Kaina • Ellen Lawton • Angela Lovitt What to Do When the Unexpected Happens: Media Preparedness and Crisis Communications Plaza Ballroom ISaundra Brown • Miriam Camero • Anne Chandler • Søren Rasmussen • Carl Rauscher Lifting up Community Voices in State Administrate Proceedings [RJ] TanglewoodPatrick Cicero • Rochelle Jackson • Marsha White-Mathis #MeToo: Empowering Voices and Supporting Changes to Upend Norms of Sexual Assault and Harassment and Their Impact San FelipeCynthia Chavez • Nan Heald • Alison Paul • Dina Shafey Scott Building the Civil Justice System Reform Movement, Including as a Next Front in the Criminal Justice Reform Movement [RJ] MonarchDavid Udell Race and Wrongful Misdemeanors [RJ] Post OakNikki Trautman Baszynski Advocacy Meets Funding and Finance: Managing Program Finances and Fund Development to Support Strong and Broad Advocacy [RJ] West AlabamaJacquelynne Bowman • Colleen Cotter • Steven Eppler-Epstein • César Torres

4:00pm CDT

4:15pm CDT

Private Partnerships and Immigration Advocacy Woodway IIIEllyn Josef • Allegra R. Nethery • Monique Sherman #Engage: Get Social (Media) with Your Volunteers, Board Members, Clients, and More! Chevy ChaseClaud Nelson • Kate York Advancing Justice through Storytelling & Strategic Communications West AlabamaCaitlin Brown • Christine Clarke • Ambar Mentor-Truppa Home Safe: Integrating Housing and Domestic Violence Practice SageVinita Kamath • Marcie Kobak So You’re Interested in Form Automation-Now What? A Document Assembly Overview MonarchChanita Chantaplin-McLelland • Jessica Frank • Michael Hofrichter • Claudia Colindres Johnson • Aaron Varner Worth the Work: Building an Information Clearinghouse Website with an Interactive Map Woodway IIGayle Carney • John Pollock Clients and Board Positions TanglewoodJessica Keith • Raymond Macchia Leveraging GIS and Mapping Technology for Improved Strategic Advocacy [RJ] Woodway IAlison Davis-Holland • Alex Gulotta • Anthony Gulotta The Trauma-Informed Advocate: Understanding and Advocating for High-Needs Clients WestchesterMonte Jewel • Riddhi Mukhopadhyay From Criminal Defense to Civil Action, Pre-Entry to Re-Entry: Recognizing the Transformative Power of Embedded General Civil Legal Services in Public Defender Offices [RJ] Post OakWes Caines • Runa Rajagopal • Cecilia Riera • Mohammed Sheriff The Right to Counsel National Campaign: Championing Public Defense by Garnering Support from Unlikely Allies Plaza Ballroom IIKim Ball • Genevieve Citrin Development Outreach and Strategic Communications: Connecting with Your Audience Plaza Ballroom IClarissa Ayala • Nadia Elguindy • Carl Rauscher

6:00pm CDT